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The crmSG Advantage

The CRM Systems Group Advantage

CRM Systems is a full service ERP & CRM implementation, customization and development/integration provider.
We deliver holistic business solutions using our expert knowledge of the Sage CRM™ and Sage 300 ERP (Accpac) platforms.  In this regard, CRM Systems is a leader in the delivery of ERP & CRM solutions to the mid-market. Our focus and dedication in this area is unparalleled in the market today. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best possible solution, including product, service, and support to our clients. This is accomplished by following a proven set of methodologies, ensuring we have full understanding of the business issues, and working with our clients 100% of the way through their project; from initial information collection through to post implementation support.  Our expertise with these technologies allows us to help create the best solutions for your company with the best ROI for you.

Best of Breed

Of all the ERP & CRM software solutions in the world, CRM Systems Group specifically chose Sage ERP & CRM because it delivers more value (return on investment), accelerates our clients business more, has a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and helps people be more productive and less frustrated. It empowers its users and user organization’s more than any other platform. No other ERP and CRM in the small and midsized market can deliver as much game changing capability. What makes Sage capabilities best of breed?  Sage CRM is so unique that your organization cannot afford to settle for anything less. Workflow, ease of use, real integration with ERP and more… Consult with us. We will spend some of our time with you to help you identify how your organization can become stronger, faster, leaner and more competitive too.


Our team brings extensive experience, know-how and tools to help small and mid-sized teams and companies operate more effectively to obtain greater success and satisfaction from their efforts. Over the past 15 years and hundreds of client engagements in 65 different industries, 16 countries and 4 continents we have gained valuable knowledge and developed processes and practices to help you accelerate progress to achieving your goals.
Not only do we bring technology and the ability to implement it.  We also bring insights and new ways to achieve your goals.  Your company is unique and that uniqueness differentiates you from the competition.  We help you get the most of your existing practices and processes and to build the skills to continue to develop your company

Our People

CRM Systems has built its success by assembling a team of experienced, knowledgeable people who have been in the field.  The value we bring includes:

  • Real world experience gained by the team in hands-on corporate roles.
  • Experience with hundreds of clients during CRM and ERP implementations.
  • Industry leading skills and experience in implementing, integrating, extending ERP & CRM.  
  • Data conversions, design and development of workflows, 
  • Project management, and coaching individuals and teams through the process.

Why Customization = the difference between success and failure.

Billions of dollars are being spent to make the public cloud Software as a Service (SAAS) solution look like the one that everyone is choosing and a no brainer.  People that have tried this path recognize that they are using a one-size-fits-all solution that just does not work as well as it could.  Many users of some of the leading vendor solutions have experienced this.

One-Size Does Not Fit All

Think about it.  The suggestion is that everyone use the same tool and yet…. The way we do business varies by industry, size, culture, role and more.  Our processes and the data we capture is what makes us different and unique from our competitors. In a one-size-fits-all solution, the user needs to wade through all of the extra fields and screens to do what we need to do.  Then there are all the work-arounds required to accomplish your task.  It just becomes too difficult.  And then the team begins to lose energy, speed, passion and performance suffers.

Customization Accelerates Business

Customization permits optimizing the user screen to only include the necessary, so as to minimize the navigation required to perform tasks.  Customization also empowers, providing  the ability to reflect your processes and values through the implementation of CRM.
The benefits to customization are substantial.    The team can move more quickly through their business processes with far greater clarity.  They will tell you that they are less tired, as they navigate screens and search for information.  Faster access and faster processes will increase the overall pace of business.
On a private cloud or in an on-site implementation your CRM can also be interfaced to legacy systems and existing databases.  The application can be customized to reach across to existing applications and databases thereby providing the information to the right person at the right time in the right context!  

Integration vs Interfacing

Integration means that the backend financial system is intertwined with your front end Sage CRM solution.  That integration allows data to be entered once anywhere and then all related and relevant fields are updated real time in all locations.
Interfacing is what virtually all other vendors do.  A bridge is built to transport the information back and forth. 
It does not populate all fields. 
As a result, staff take more time and experience increased input errors. 
If either part of the solution is upgraded, the bridge must be rebuilt.  This is costly and always leaves a lag period of time where the interface is unavailable.
Public Cloud solutions do not offer integration today.
Private Cloud and Customization are extremely powerful, productive and beneficial.
See Private vs Public Cloud – Which is right for you?


Sage CRM Workflow and Escalation is Exclusively Unique!

Sage CRM Workflow and Escalation Engine provide an easy to use tool that can be implemented throughout your whole organization and may even be extended to partners, suppliers and customers.
As you implement Sage CRM you transform silos of information into real time shared knowledge sources that empower team members with the required information in context in real time.  This allows better business decisions, reduced employee and customer frustration and greatly reduces errors and failed processes.
We all know productivity is critical to succeeding in today’s competitive global market.  Your business needs the tools to provide sales and service that measures up against the best in your market.  Error reduction and the implementation of your best delivery processes in a consistent and repeatable manner protects your reputation and allows you to keep customers and attract new ones.

A diligent review of CRM “workflow” will identify the Sage CRM capability as unique and industry leading.  Other CRM vendors liberally use the term “workflow”.  Their use is equivalent to the escalation feature within Sage CRM.  SageCRM workflow facilitates the complete workflow process of a transaction according to the best practises defined by your organization.  When a step is complete, the process automatically continues to the next step removing the human element in process progression.
The benefits of Sage CRM Workflow and Escalation Engine are game changing for the organization and the individual:
• Your teams are empowered to create and refine workflow processes to develop best practise for you organization.
• The organization can more easily contract and expand and change peoples’ roles since they will be able to see the workflow processes and will automatically be advised of items requiring their attention.  Once done the processes move on automatically to the appropriate person(s).
• Workflow can be processed by people in parallel to accelerate progression.
• Managers can manage by exception and focus their energy and leadership on the areas requiring their intervention and support.
• Productivity of team members improves 15 to 25 percent and sometimes even more.
• Implementation supports ISO 9000 requirements.
• Process failures and errors are reduced dramatically assisting organizations towards a Six Sigma culture.

Workflow explained

Imagine the processes you have defined for your customer interactions and the internal processes that are touched by them. Workflow helps you effectively automate these business processes by:
• Prompting users to complete information that is relevant to the current stage of the business process.
• Creating tasks for follow-up.
• Displaying help prompts relevant to the current stage of the process.
• Following escalation paths if the set processes are deviated from.
• Populating fields based on rules and events triggered elsewhere in the system.
• Sending e-mail or SMS messages as notification reminders.
• Defining branching workflow paths dependant on Company or Team membership, or other criteria.


The workflow functionality allows a user with system administrator rights to set up predefined rules and actions to suit your organization's business processes.
Workflow can be applied to any or all of the following entities:
• Company
• Person
• Communication
• Lead
• Opportunity
• Case
• Solution
• Campaign
For example, a workflow rule can be applied to opportunities to automatically generate a follow-up call for the user every time a quotation is sent out.  Or, a workflow rule can be applied to cases to send an e-mail to the customer service supervisor if a case remains at a stage of "Investigating" for more than twenty-four hours.
These actions are set up by the system administrator to steer the user through the predefined business processes. Selecting one of these actions can prompt the user to perform an activity, such as gathering further information. It can also trigger events not immediately apparent to the user. For example, sending an SMS notification to the Account Manager.



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