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VAR Partner / Reseller Program

We are CRM Experts, and we can help you be one too.

Are you a Sage CRM VAR, or are you considering becoming one? CRM Systems Group is a leading Sage CRM Development Partner with the single most experienced CRM development team in North America. Our team is made of up CRM veterans who have completed hundreds of CRM implementation, development and repair projects globally.

Our knowledge and experience with Sage CRM is unrivaled, and our investment in CRM is substantial. We want to see Sage CRM succeed. To that end, we would like to make our marketing and technical services available at a reasonable cost to those Sage CRM VAR Partners who would like to leverage our people, expertise and investment. We offer a comprehensive CRM Partner Support program that provides your consultancy the ability to offer Sage CRM with minimal investment of time or dollars,  and to do so at the highest technical proficiency level possible.

We have helped more than 200 Sage CRM VAR's build their CRM practices. We can help you too.

Features of our CRM VAR Partner Program

Superior CRM Support

Our CRM Sales, Support and Development teams are all long seasoned veterans with dozens or hundreds of projects completed. We understand that you and your clients need resolutions to your issues fast.  Its not OK to be kept on hold for long periods of time just to end up talking with someone who knows less than you do.

By becoming a CRM Systems VAR Partner you gain access to all of our Sales, Support and Development resources.  Need help quoting a project? Need help closing a deal?  How about assistance with an error?  We provide all of these services to our partners at no additional cost.

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Development Assistance

If you or your clients would like to modify or customize CRM beyond what is possible within CRM itself,  we are here to help. Our skilled development team has completed hundreds of projects, including the development and support of our very own CRM add-on solutions - some of the most complex such solutions available today.

Whether you have just a "quick question" or you have a major integration or customization project - we are equipped to handle them all.

Plus, as a member of our partner programs, you are entitled to great discounts on service rates - allowing you to earn significant net income on any and all work we perform.

We want to work with you.

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Preferred Service Rates

We understand that you need to earn a reasonable return on all services performed for your clients.  We provide attractive rates to members of our partner programs. The discount applied depends on what partner-level you sign up as: Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. 

Do you have special pricing needs, such as: 

  • You operate in a region where service rates are depressed, such as South America, Central America, Puerto Rico, South Africa, or Eastern Europe?
  • You have committed to a fixed price project, and require special consideration due to restricted budget?
  • Your needs are related to urgent support for which you cannot bill your client?

If any of these apply to you - don't worry.  We're here to help. Contact us for more information about these and other options available for pricing and revenue sharing.

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Margins on CRM Add-Ons / Extensions

CRM Systems is the single largest publisher of Add-Ons (extensions) for the Sage CRM platform.  We have been for more than 10 years.

All of our add-ons are available for resale by members of our CRM partner programs. Partner margin applies, percentages vary depending on what partner-level you sign up as: Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. 

In addition, for Platinum partners, a portion of the software sold, based on sales volume is applied back to annual partner fees - a double bonus.

For more information on margin rates, see the section on partnership levels or

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NFR Software for internal use

Its sometimes hard to sell software you have never used yourself.  For this reason we offer a NFR software program. 

Members of our CRM partner programs are entitled to 1 "free" copy of each of our CRM add-ons for internal use.   Our most popular such NFR solution is our CRM Time & Billing, which is used by many business partners to run their own internal billing operations.  Its a great option for our line of business.

There are a few exceptions, excluded from this program are:  CRM Setup Factory, CRM Bridge, CRM POS

Get started with NFR software today

Partner Program Levels, Fees & Benefits

The bronze partner level is designed for the Sage CRM partner who is interested in providing our CRM extension software products to their clients on an ad-hoc basis. Bronze partners are primary resellers of software, and prefer to let CRM Systems provide support to the customer for implementation, customization and support.

Bronze partners are authorized to resell CRM Systems extension products. The bronze partner will be provided with at entry-level discount on our published SRP pricing. Bronze partners will also be rebated a percentage of service billings related to their resold software (for services such as installation, configuration, customization, etc). 

Partners who wish to use NFR copies of our software may also enroll in the CRM Silver Partner program.

Annual Investment  – 0$  (you must submit an application to qualify)

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The Silver Partner Program is designed for Solution Providers who are interested in reselling our CRM extension products, wish to have copies of the software for their own internal use, and who may expect to use our services for cooperative projects, and wish to receive a margin on service hours provided.

The following software applications are included in the Silver program:

    - One Not-For-Resale (NFR) Time & Billing for Sage CRM (10 User)
    - One Not-For-Resale (NFR) CRM Order Entry Extension (2 servers and 5 users)
    - One Not-For-Resale (NFR) ERP Connect for Sage – Standard Edition
    - One Not-For-Resale (NFR) CRM Spell Check for Sage
    - Access to CRM Systems online support resources, knowledgebase
    - Discount on CRM Systems CRM extension software for resale
    - Discount on CRM Systems annual maintenance
    - Access to technical support for Sage CRM & related technologies at standard rates
    - Access to pre and post-sale technical support for CRM Systems software at no additional charge
    - Discounted service rates

Annual Investment  – $450 USD / CAD

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The Gold Partner Program is designed for Solution Providers who are interested in a more extensive relationship with CRM Systems. Gold partners are authorized to resell our products with an increased discount, receive copies of additional product for NFR internal use, and receive a larger margin on service hours provided in cooperative projects.

The Gold partner program includes all the benefits of the Silver program, plus the following:

    - One Not-For-Resale (NFR) ERP Connect for Sage – Professional Edition
    - Increased discount on CRM Systems extension software
    - Larger discount on CRM Systems annual maintenance
    - Enhanced support for CRM Systems extension products
    - Access to technical support for Sage CRM & related technologies at preferred rates
    - Discounted service rates

Initial Investment  – $700 USD/CAD – Annual Renewal at Silver Partner rate

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The Platinum partner program is designed for the larger scale or highly dedicated Sage CRM partner. This program includes our most extensive support services, the largest available discounts, and the ability to earn back renewal fees through product sales.

Platinum includes all the benefits of Gold, plus:

    - Highest discount on CRM Systems extension products
    - Largest discount CRM Systems annual maintenance
    - Access to our resources for enhanced pre-sales support for Sage CRM, by our dedicated CRM resources at premier rates
    - Access to our resources for enhanced Sage CRM technical support at premier rates
    - “Earn-back” capability. Earn your annual renewal fees at a rate of 12% of your CRM Systems extension software license fees at cost
    - Discounted service rates – the largest discount available.
    - Access to CRM Systems internally developed CRM development tools, such as our CRM API, Bridge, and others. 
    Ask for details.

Initial Investment  – $1,700 USD/CAD – Annual Renewals reducible to nil

Note: To qualify for commission on renewals, CRM Business Partners must administer annual maintenance. CRM Systems will invoice the reseller for annual maintenance at cost and it is the reseller’s responsibility to invoice and collect from the end-user. Once the customer’s maintenance expires, CRM Systems will invoice customer directly.

Note: CRM Member Manager, and some other complex solutions are not available for free trial. Those solutions not available for free trial are also not available for NFR. Ask for details, as this list changes often.

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We have become experts in CRM and ERP by implementing them many times. Let us help you be successful.

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