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Sage CRM

Award-winning Customer Relationship Management

We have been working with Sage CRM for a very long time.  CRM Systems was one of the first providers of this solution in North America, way back in 2001. Since then we have helped hundreds of organizations improve their operations and grow their businesses. More than 20,000 small and medium-sized organizations in 60+ countries use Sage CRM every day to manage critical sales, marketing, customer service and administration activities, helping them to find new customers, close sales faster, and build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

Sage CRM is optimized specifically for SMB (small and medium) businesses. Easy-to-use and quick to deploy in the cloud or on-premises, Sage CRM delivers a rapid return on investment (ROI) so you see a positive impact in your organization. Plus, Sage CRM can be easily adopted by your organization to fit the way you work, saving you time and money, both now and in the future.

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Sage CRM named a top ranked
CRM solution by software users on TrustRadius.

Sage CRM Wins ISM
Top 15 CRM Software Award.

What our customers are saying..

  • For us, CRM Systems walks on water.

    - CWR Environmental

  • We were and continue to be impressed with CRM Systems Group’s ability to take a unique and complex business model and develop an efficient set of integrated, cost-effective solutions that addressed all of our needs. In addition, the level of support post-development has been outstanding.

    - HAMS Marketing Services

  • CRM Systems has provided us a highly-flexible tool for both office staff and travelling sales reps to have the latest information available any time. This is critical in our industry as relationships are in a constant state of change; having the latest information can provide a significant competitive advantage.

    - Anonymous Client

  • We have a twelve year relationship with CRM Systems, and I don’t think I could run my business without the custom capabilities CRM Systems has created for us.
    Q: What would you say to anyone considering engaging CRM Systems Group?
    A: I would recommend it!

    - A Long-Term Client

  • The integration of Sage 300 and Sage CRM gives our remote users the ability to review the latest financial/credit summaries for our clients, significantly reducing our credit risk and giving them the ability to make smart, informed decisions on behalf of hams.

    - A CRM/ERP Integrated Client

  • We have experienced:
    • Increase sales productivity and real-time information
    • Improved communication and knowledge sharing with complete view of business Key Performance Indicators
    • Improve marketing campaigns with in-depth knowledge of customer purchasing habits
    • Increase efficiencies across all teams by integrating sales, marketing, customer service, finance, and operations information
    • Improve customer service by ensuring complete case resolution with built-in work flow
    • Reduce costs by eliminating duplication and ensuring data consistency

    - A Satisfied Customer!

  • Existing customer sales have increased because of the ability to track customer follow-up with Sage CRM

    - Happy Sales Manager

  • We experienced a dramatic improvement in communication, knowledge sharing and business analytics.

    - Anonymous CFO

  • The high customizability of Sage CRM and integration to our 3rd party ERP creates more powerful and automatic reporting.

    - Manufacturer

  • We experienced payback on our investment within the first year.

    - Anonymous CFO

  • Its really nice that with salesman turnover we did not skip a beat and could go to one place to get all the information for the new salesman to engage.

    - Human Resources Loves us!

  • We can now monitor sales activity to identify where we are winning and why and where we are losing.

    - A CRM Systems Enthusiast

  • Our remote salespeople have the latest information available to them while they are on-site with a customer. This allows them to provide an unprecedented level of service and gives the producer an opportunity to take advantage of changing markets in real time.

    - Executive

  • Sage CRM and Sage 300 has allowed us to increase efficiencies across our entire organization. From producer and processor contracts to risk management, settlements, bookings, online reporting and data retrieval the availability and accuracy of information is greatly enhanced.

    - HAMS Marketing Services

  • Our use of cases in Sage CRM has given us an enforceable workflow process that ensures that claims are authorized properly and dealt with in a timely, accurate manner.

    - Customer Service Enthusiast

  • The applications built for us by CRM Systems Group eliminated a multitude of redundancies and opportunities for human error. The amount of time we spend addressing errors after the fact has been reduced to virtually zero. This has improved the service to our clients as well as our costs.

    - Our Biggest Fans?

  • We are a producer owned co-operative. As such our owners are also our customers. They have been extremely happy with the improved products and services we have developed with the help of CRM Systems Group.

    - HAMS Marketing Services

Manage every stage of every customer relationship.

Sage CRM gives sales and marketing professionals a simple but powerful way to manage the entire customer relationship from lead generation to post-sales support. With a holistic, 360-degree view of all account activity, you’ll discover new opportunities to increase revenue through more effective marketing, accelerated sales, centralized customer service tools, and rock-solid administration automation. 


CRM Systems Group will help you accelerate your sales, marketing and administration efforts and communications with real-time information, 24x7 mobility and robust but easy-to-use reporting. Available as a cost-effective on-premise solution or in the cloud (private or public), Sage CRM is also built on a highly flexible architecture giving you the ability to design custom modules to manage nearly any relationship or business area.

Fill Your Pipeline

Access, track and manage every stage of the customer life cycle with real-time snapshots of your entire business development / sales pipeline.

Automate Tasks

Eliminate time-consuming, redundant tasks with powerful, automated workflows and processes uniquely defined for each person, their role, and the specific set of circumstances of the record/account in question.

Measure Success

Managers of all kinds: from Sales and Marketing, to Finance, and Operations can easily report on and measure performance by location, department, sales person, marketing campaign, customer and more.

Engage with Customers

Whether it’s through traditional telephone contact, in person meetings, and conference calls - or you have leveraged the internet, email marketing and social media – get the tools you need to engage with your customers and stay top of mind at all times. 

Integrate Information

Sage CRM integrates with several Sage ERP platforms, so you get instant access to critical customer and product data from the front office to the back office.

Mobilize Your Team

It doesn't matter what mobile device you use. Access Sage CRM via your mobile web browser,  or leverage one of the device-specific "apps" available for iPhone and Android.

Collaborate Seamlessly

Empower your entire organizational work-force and ensure customer loyalty through accelerated action, efficient service and consistent communication. 

Create Custom Functionality

Sage CRM is highly configurable and customizable. The sky is the limit! Sage CRM's "builder" gives you powerful flexibility and freedom, allowing you to easily create custom modules without "coding" to manage your other relationships and business areas.


CRM Systems is the most experienced implementer of Sage CRM in North America
with more than 375 projects completed to date in more than 16 countries and 60 industries.
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Award-Winning CRM

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We have become experts in CRM and ERP by implementing them many times. Let us help you be successful.

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