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What is CRM+ Member Manager?

CRM + Member Manager is a powerful (MRM), flexible and intuitive membership / association management solution
built on the best-of-breed, award-winning, Sage CRM & ERP software platform.
It provides everyone in your organization access to the information they need, when they need it, and to make every client interaction count.

One, integrated, versatile platform. Endless possibilities.

Deliver more value to your members, while working smarter.

One system to input data, one time. No more time consuming importing and exporting of data between systems or keeping data in spreadsheets. Data is managed in one comprehensive all-in-one membership software platform. Everything you need to manage your members is in one place.

Comprehensive Membership Management

Built on the award-winning Sage CRM customer relationship management (CRM) platform, CRM+ Member Manager provides comprehensive, world class membership management. The following is a partial list of available membership features

  • Award winning, best-in-class Customer Relationship Management
  • Configurable for up to 100% automated renewals, including automated credit card processing for pre-authorized renewals
  • Unlimited membership types, renewal periods and durations
  • Rules based fees with unlimited flexibility.
  • Annual membership term can include an installment-payment option (layaway) for installment payments on annual membership
  • Flexible parent/child account options with parent-account consolidated billing
  • Historical record keeping of parent/child relationships
  • Fee and non-fee based subscriptions (magazines, account add-ons, etc)
  • Subscriptions can be included in membership, or can be added/removed at any time, including fee payments
  • Independent renewal cycle for subscriptions from each other, and from membership (if desired)
  • Pre-renewal functionality that allows members to schedule their accounts to be renewed in advance with payment details in advance, but to be processed at a later time.
  • Member type specific document and communication templates
  • Automated revenue deferral and recognition functions with fiscal period revenue/expense matching
  • Automated revenue distribution to 3rd parties.
  • Full or partial automation of renewal generation and member notification
  • Comprehensive pre-authorized payment via Credit Card or EFT

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Full ERP / Financial Accounting Integration

If you really want to get value from your membership solution - it needs to be fully integrated.  Having a non-integrated or partially integrated solution means you will have to fill all of the gaps with people - entering information multiple times in multiple places, and relying on poor financial management tools. This is just not adequate for the 21st century. CRM + Member Manager includes comprehensive, award-winning financials., business intelligence and more:

  • Award winning, fully double sided, best-in-class Sage 300 financial suite with comprehensive financials capable of supporting all of your business operations
  • Support for the full Sage 300 3rd party add-on community
  • Full integration to ERP Customers, Invoices, Payments and sub ledgers
  • Invoicing and Refund functions
  • Automatic redistribution of funds to 3rd parties (sub-divisions, branches, vendors, etc) based on configurable rules based engine
  • Full sales-tax support, pricelists, terms, etc.
  • Cash and Accrual accounting
  • Full revenue deferral & recognition
  • Fund accounting capabilities for fundraising and campaign management feature support
  • Enhanced capabilities for collections management
  • Available complete Inventory Control, Purchase Order and Order Entry functionality with full integration support to the optional Webstore - including inventory levels and valuation.
  • EFT Payments via ACH or bank-specific interchange.
  • Electronic Credit Card payments via 14 different payment gateways including:, Internet Secure, Paypal Payflow, Moneris, Beanstream, and more.

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Sophisticated Event Management

CRM Member Manager provides sophisticated - yet easy to use event publication, registration and management capabilities that feature fully integrated payments, invoicing and financial integration. Some of the features include:

  • Flexible event creation, publishing and tracking
  • Integrated registration surveys
  • Web / telephone conference PIN automatic assignment & distribution
  • Registration for individual or "packages" of events with a-la-carte or package pricing
  • Full sales-tax integration with ERP allowing for correctly applied taxes for virtual and physical events
  • Automated electronic registration, receipt, reminder and completion communications
  • Support for sub-events, allowing for complex "conference-style" registration
  • Available "optional items" such as add-on meals, transportation and other types of fees and charges
  • Seat/table assignment, and confirmations to registrant and attendees
  • Full customer self-service support
  • Configurable completion certificates and serialized tax receipts
  • Support for discount codes (electronic coupons)


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Comprehensive Member Self-Service

We get it - customers expect full self-service capabilities.  CRM + Member Manager delivers on what they are used to, and more:

  • Full account creation, membership registration, account maintenance, and renewal functions
  • Support for unlimited contact people per account
  • View and pay any individual or groups of invoices by CC, Paypal or online debit (Canada Only)
  • Included membership directory, and buyers guide (associate member directory) with geo-mapping
  • Member to member community functions for: News, Events, Jobs, Offers and Member Events
  • Subscription management
  • Free, or paid job board with listing extensibility capabilities and moderator pre-publishing review and approval
  • Committees and volunteerism functions
  • Online access to documents filed on the user's account as well as ability to upload documents to the account, a support case or a committee
  • Full customer service case management
  • Run reports
  • Configurable ability to allow self-service users to access the bulk email functions of MRM, which provides them the ability to email, in batch selected components of the membership / contact database. Useful for branches, divisions, sub-associations, 3rd parties, etc.

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Fundraising Campaign Management 

If your organization is a non-profit that has fundraising needs - then CRM+ Member Manager is for you. Many fundraising systems do that one thing fairly well. The big challenge is that this is all they do.  So, if your organization fundraises AND runs events AND sells books, hats or any other products or services - you immediately run into trouble as those systems just cannot do it.  CRM+ Member Manager, however - can, and does without compromising on those tools needed to automate and take your fundraising to the next level.  We provide such features as:

  • Create and operate campaigns
  • Automate solicitations using bulk email, drip marketing and campaign management
  • Create an post "asks" (solicitations) via email, social media, or onto your website as a banner or text request
  • Manage inbound commitments and donations
  • Full online/electronic pledges, donations, payments and responses to solicitations (asks) sent by email or via website link
  • Fund accounting: distribute monies to funds either by pre-configuration or as determined by the donor at the time of donation
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Scheduled automatic donations via monthly subscription or account automated renewal
  • Full CASL Compliance (for Canadian customers).
  • Full ERP/Financial integration of donors, donations, payments, history, etc.

Stop suffering with piecemeal solutions that don't cover all of your operations.

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Marketing, Website & Internet Communications

Having sophisticated in-house tools for marketing and internet communications is important.  That's why CRM + Member Manager provides everything you need - and more - to cover all of your communication bases. Whether its in-person, telephone, email, social media or postal mail - we have you covered.  We provide all of the following on an in-house, no "service bureau" basis, meaning there are no ongoing costs to operate the solution (such as per-email fees),  and we do so in a way that makes business sense - leveraging your staff and your systems to generate business value:

  • Available, award winning, fully integrated website CMS and hosting using the extremely popular DNN platform
  • Send and track mass emails
  • Comprehensive website tracking. See who is on your website, when, what they do, when they return, etc.  This compliments Google analytics, which is a fine tool for trend analysis but does not tell you who your visitors are, nor does it track them individually.  We do.
  • Define drip marketing communications and have them executed automatically based on your defined rules. This includes emails and telephone calls.
  • Surveys. Integrated rules based, comprehensive survey functionality that is fully integrated to membership and events as well as for general use.
  • Send survey by email or on-demand via customer self-service
  • "Poll" creation for instant anonymous feedback on questions
  • Full CASL / Email spam compliance, including sophisticated rules based opt-in / opt-out functionality.
  • Social media integration into Linked-In, Facebook and Twitter  with focus on leveraging these platforms for business value.
  • Integration APIs for website integration (SOAP, COM+)

Do you have special pricing needs, such as: 

  • You operate in a region where service rates are depressed, such as South America, Central America, Puerto Rico, South Africa, or Eastern Europe?
  • You have committed to a fixed price project, and require special consideration due to restricted budget?
  • Your needs are related to urgent support for which you cannot bill your client?

If any of these apply to you - don't worry.  We're here to help. Contact us for more information about these and other options available for pricing and revenue sharing.

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Committees & Volunteerism

CRM+ Member Manager includes numerous features relating to committees and volunteerism. These are designed to facilitate receiving applications, accepting them, operating a committee or volunteer project and keeping in touch.  Provided are features such as:

  • Create, publish and manage committees.
  • Member invitation, application, acceptance and rejection
  • Tracking of communications, emails and documents including self-service integration
  • Self-service access to committees for applications and operation of the committee giving members access to documents, and the ability to upload them.
  • Creating postings for volunteer positions, accept applications and fill position
  • Reporting

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Web Store / Shopping Cart

Your organization may sell some "products" in addition to your membership and events operations. Perhaps they are physical goods like books, hats, mugs, etc - or perhaps they are nontangible goods like PDF documents, videos, audio recordings, or software.  No problem with the fully integrated webstore.   The webstore can be fully operational whether you are using the Inventory Control ERP module or not (to manage inventory), and includes all of these wonderful features:

  • Easy to administer,  does not require any double-entry of information that already exists in ERP.
  • Full integration to ERP Financials, including Inventory Control (if present), Taxes, pricelists, etc.  It can also run standalone without ERP.
  • "Inventory level" display on the webstore for Quantities Available, updated automatically in real time.
  • Physical items with shipping notification to staff and electronic items with automated electronic fulfillment
  • Full support for infinite pricelists, units of measure, contract pricing and discounts
  • Electronic coupon codes with configurable conditions and amounts
  • Fully integrated to the CRM+ Member Manager customer self-service portal for single sign on.
  • Can be deployed without CRM+ Member Manager as a stand-alone addition to CRM.
  • Extremely minimal ongoing maintenance and support once configured. Everything flows natively from ERP, so the store doesn't really need separate administration.

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Other great features...

CRM+ Member Manager has many more features than can be listed here, but here are a few that just don't fit in the categories above, but are just as exciting:

  • Geolocation services for all addresses, allowing mapping
  • Fully automatic address validation and standardization both in CRM and in the self-service portal
  • SQL Reporting Services integration with scheduling of report generation and sending
  • Encrypted data and encrypted document upload and storage support
  • Integration APIs via COM+, SOAP Web services.
  • Much more.

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