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Our holistic approach to business systems makes the world of CRM, ERP and related solutions clear.

Know Your Customer, Cater your Message
Know Your Customer, Cater your Message
Focus your sales efforts on People who have responded to your communications and have visited your website. You know they are interested in your messaging. And you originally had good reason to believe they would be interested, based on their demographics.

Get More out of Your Existing CRM System
Get More out of Your Existing CRM System
Do we need a new CRM system? Possibly not. Schedule a No-Charge Introductory CRM Business Process Review. Eliminates the need for a new system, by learning how your existing system can be better configured and leveraged.

Sage CRM 7.3 SP2 Plugin Upgrade Procedure
This video covers the Sage CRM 7.3 SP2 Outlook and Browser plugin upgrade procedure.

Modern Sales Techniques, Tools and CRM
Sandler Training & CRM Systems Present this video webinar on modern sales techniques, tools and CRM.

Splendid CRM: Google Apps Synchronization Two-Minute Training
Enabling Google Apps Synchronization in Splendid CRM makes it easy to ensure that all your users have the latest contact and appointment information at their fingertips.

Splendid CRM: Mail-Merge with the Word Plug-in Two-Minute Training
Splendid CRM supports Mail-Merge using a Word Plug-in. The plug-in is an important tool as it makes it easy to add CRM fields to a document. Once the document is formatted properly, the plug-in is used to upload the document to the CRM.

Splendid CRM: Business Rules - Two-Minute Training
Splendid CRM business rules are applied at the User Interface level. With the rules engine, you can create rules that modify the entry form fields at various levels of the processing of the form.

Splendid CRM: Browser Extension for Google Chrome - Two Minute Training
Splendid CRM created the Browser Extension for Chrome as an alternative to the SplendidCRM Plug-in for Outlook. The goal was to make it easy to archive Gmail messages to the CRM using an extension to the Chrome web browser.

Sage CRM: Scheduling & Completing Communications
This video explains how to create, update and complete communications in Sage CRM 7.3+.

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  • Advantages of Connectivity Between Agricultural Growers and Processors Posted last year
    By beginning to adopt greater integration and communications between systems across organizations along with new, smarter methodologies, it is possible to automate processes, improve accuracy, reduce costs, eliminate redundancies and duplicated data entry, and reallocate human resources to higher and better functions.
  • Chad Thousand joins the CRM Systems Team! Posted last year
    We are excited to announce that Chad Thousand has joined our team as Director of Sales & Marketing effective Sept 20, 2018!
  • Prepare for the Future, Benefit Today Posted last year
    The agriculture industry is evolving, and big changes are coming. But how can almond growers, processors and handlers benefit by upgrading their systems now?
  • Jim Doyle joins the CRM Systems Team! Posted 10 months ago
    We are very happy to announce that Jim Doyle, MBA, CSP has joined the CRM Systems team in the position of Strategic Partnerships Manager.
  • CRM for Petroleum Marketers Posted last year
    Sales teams selling different petroleum industry product lines such as fuels, lubricants and propane see only their own team specific fields, dropdowns and stages in the sales process.
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