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How to Empower Teams for Change
How to Empower Teams for Change
Change is a constant in the business world and we can observe that change is happening much quicker in today’s business communities.The question is - how do we empower our people to work with change and to foster and grow change within each organization?

How to Maximize the Data Gathered From CRM Solutions
How to Maximize the Data Gathered From CRM Solutions
CRM strategies are used to have your clients loyal to a company. Through the analysis and leverage of data, business executives are able to understand and interpret data that CRM provides for them. By doing that they know what consumers want and how to keep them happy.

CRM and Benefits of Customer Segmentation
CRM and Benefits of Customer Segmentation
Customer segmentation is a business strategy where you divide your client base into small groups that have similar characteristics. It is a powerful marketing technique. Once the prospects and customers are segmented into smaller groups, you can target these groups with customer-centric marketing campaigns.

Customization of CRM for your Sales Team
Customization of CRM for your Sales Team
Many customer relationship management solutions in the market use the same workflow for each company and don’t have unique and flexible workflow capabilities. Modern Customer Relations Management solutions such as Sage CRM use customization and personalization features to allow sales marketing teams to put the most useful features front and center.

Key Benefits of Updated CRM
Key Benefits of Updated CRM
Your clients’ experience is paramount today and, in order for your CRM to fully support your business's goals, you'll need to check that it's been designed to support your company's strategy for customer experience.

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    The COVID-19 virus has impacted almost everyone, and is certainly impacting CRM Systems. As a result of the emergency measures implemented to combat the virus, and in light of the health and well being of our staff, CRM Systems has made some changes to our operations.
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    We are very happy to announce that Jim Doyle, MBA, CSP has joined the CRM Systems team in the position of Strategic Partnerships Manager.
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    Sales teams selling different petroleum industry product lines such as fuels, lubricants and propane see only their own team specific fields, dropdowns and stages in the sales process.
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    Separate Sales Teams Sharing Screens = Low CRM User Adoption
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