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Our holistic approach to business systems makes the world of CRM, ERP and related solutions clear.

CRM and Good To Great
CRM and Good To Great
What does your company need to do to become GREAT? In 2001 Jim Collins released his New York Times Best Selling Book, Good to Great. After five years of study he and his team identified some core characteristic embodied by great companies that helped them achieve great things. Learn more....

Top 5 Worst and Best CRM Practices
Top 5 Worst and Best CRM Practices
By embracing industry best practices, customer relationship management (CRM) becomes an innovative stage for designing essential automations that manifest the theoretical strategies and tools of industry best practices. Here is a list of top-5 best CRM practices, and Top-5 worst CRM practices.

How to drive CRM Adoption
A sophisticated CRM system can deliver enormous benefits, from increasing customer satisfaction and generating sales leads to boosting profits and slashing operating costs. A CRM system works by gathering information from multiple data sources and storing it in a centralized location. Once these sales leads and consumer data sets are integrated, this information is then analyzed to enable tailored marketing campaigns, superior customer service and improved decision support.

CRM Processes: Creating Business Value
Customer relationship management (CRM) issues can often be traced to ineffective business processes that involve human communication. Companies can overcome the limitations inherent in those marketing, sales, and service processes by pursuing communication-enabled business processes (CEBPs) -- processes enabled by communication systems that are tightly integrated with business applications.

CRM: Supporting a team-selling strategy
A valuable function of CRM systems is that they can enable team selling strategies. Sales teams are employees of an organization who use CRM systems as their primary tool for actively developing and implementing sales strategies for their customers. These teams are central to the organization’s sales and marketing efforts, just as customers are central to the needs of team selling strategies. The two go hand in hand.

5 ERP Features your Finance Department would Kill for
ERP: With extended deployment time and a 21 percent failure rate, it's important to go beyond the basic finance features so your accounting department has buy-in for a new solution. Your accounting department might be satisfied with the standard feature set, but they would love these five ERP features.

Maintaining Data Quality: Understanding the need for Data Quality
Spending on implementing CRM, BI or integration projects are a waste till the quality of data flowing to these systems remains low. In fact in the long run, bad data can lead to ‘low customer satisfaction’ and decreased customer retention. The three aspects critical to data are accuracy, consistency and timeliness.

Relationships are Everything!
At the core of all modern selling strategies is: relationship selling. Your ability to develop new, and maintain existing long-term customer relationships is the foundation for your success in business. Relationship selling requires a clear understanding of the dynamics of the selling process as they are experienced by the customer. The same is true of other types of business relationships. Vendors, partners, advisors and champions. Long term co-beneficial relationships are critical to your ongoing success.

Selling Management on CRM: 6 Ways
Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions help small and midsize businesses manage the myriad of ways it interacts with customers, from marketing to new and potential customers, to improving customer support. Current CRM solutions have incorporated new social and collaborative technologies that make it easier to connect with customers. Companies of all sizes rely on CRM to capture new customers and retain current ones, which is reason enough to invest in the technology. Use this checklist of additional reasons to sell management on a new CRM system:

4 criteria when choosing an ERP system consultant
Once your business has selected an ERP software and provider, you will then need to find a consultant that can aid in the implementation process. This can prove difficult, as there are many companies that offer similar services. How do you sort through the jargon and find the best fit for your ERP implementation?

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