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CRM for Petroleum Marketers
CRM for Petroleum Marketers

Sage CRM for Petroleum Marketers extends the power of your back-office ERP system, or functions stand alone. With optional CRM-ERP integration your ERP customers are imported into CRM and synchronized. Customer orders and invoices may be viewed in CRM along with products purchased and overall sales history.


Sales people may view credit balance, high balance, account hold status and payment history to assist in the sales processes. Sales quotations and orders may be placed in CRM that leverage integration with inventory control and pricing configured in the back-office accounting system.


Chevron and Mobil opportunity stages may be used to structure the sales process.


Sales dashboards display petroleum product sales in detail by product category in gallons. CRM marketing campaigns can be driven by purchase history. The CRM system can make intelligent suggestions for add-on/up-sell purchases based upon the previous purchases by your customers.


Sales teams selling different petroleum industry product lines such as fuels, lubricants and propane see only their own team specific fields, dropdowns and stages in the sales process. So the CRM system fits their business encouraging them to adopt the CRM system and enabling them to be more successful. Templates are available with company, lead, opportunity and case screens and workflows that are specifically designed for petroleum marketers. Greater CRM user adoption leads to greater ability to track KPIs and successfully manage your business.


CRM “Cases” enable you to be responsive to your customers’ issues, such as complaints, billing questions, equipment installation issues, wrong product delivered, oil spills or leaks that require prompt attention and resolution. This responsiveness leads to greater customer satisfaction and retention.


If you manage your business by location or ship-to address, then account managers may be assigned, and communications, opportunities and cases may be managed at the address level. So sales people can manage their business by the addresses they are assigned to, in addition to the ability to assign reps at the customer level.


Equipment management and fleet management features are available including management of equipment and tracking of vehicle information which can optionally include GPS tracking.


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