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How to Use CRM to Boost Leads
How to Use CRM to Boost Leads

How to Use CRM to Boost Leads

Almost 73 percent of companies have no business processes for contacting leads after the first sale. If you are a small business owner, using Customer Relations Management software can help you generate new customers and manage prospects and customer information. Here are three CRM benefits for small companies that boost leads.

  • Small Businesses Can Nurture Customers

Nurturing new leads can be long and expensive process for start-up companies.  However, Customer Relations Management software can take some of the pain away. A CRM system provides small companies with a place to keep clients data in one place. Small-business owners can move a client through a sales funnel by collecting relevant marketing data and sending out relevant marketing materials to clients on a regular basis.

Organizations will be able to solve business problems with Customer Relations Management technology. Software enables business owners to track incoming leads, manage those leads in an efficient way and improve productivity. CRM also helps business owners organize client data and find the best ways to communicate with prospects.

Nurtured leads are more likely to purchase 47 more compared to non-nurtured leads, making it a more profitable to explore for small-business owners. CRM solutions can make the lead generation process easier.

  • Valuable Customer Insights

Collecting customer analytics is big business for brands. The marketing executive spends approximately 8 percent of the marketing budget on marketing analysis, a number that is expected to increase in the coming years. Customer Relations Management software also provides small businesses with a wealth of information about their client base, including deep analytics for marketing, customer service and customer retention. The result is insightful data on customer trends and behaviors that can be used to predict growth initiatives or enable brands to make better business decisions.

The bulk of data used by small-business owners is in real-time, which provides them with accurate, up-to-date insights into how clients interact with a website, consume products and services, and perceive a brand. Customer Relations Management analytics can be used to segment clients for powerful lead generation or create new direct marketing campaigns to increase the visibility of a brand.

  • Marketing Automation with CRM

In the past, small-business owners had to manually generate prospects and follow up on every lead to generate sales. Marketing software automates most administrative tasks, which enables business owners to segment demographics and deliver high-impact advertising material across multiple channels.

 As businesses understand the importance of marketing automation 49 percent of brands have adopted marketing automation and 55 percent of B2B companies use this technology. Companies which use marketing automation software to integrate their current Customer Relations Management system will have an edge over their competitors.

Marketing automation with Customer Relations Management integration lets businesses automate lead assignment and lead qualification, get more value from their marketing campaigns, and gain deeper insights into prospect behavior.

Small-business owners who want to take their campaigns to the next level can consider advanced integration techniques that will benefit their brand.

Here are the benefits of marketing automation:  Marketing and sales executives who combine CRM and marketing automation can automatically assign leads to sales team based on client analytics, set up "campaign triggers" -- based on customer behaviors like lack of contact -- to drive business growth and create activity alerts when a customer performs a particular action, such as visiting a Web page or clicking on a call-to-action button.

A Customer Relations Management system can help small-business owners nurture clients, gain insights into leads, and make marketing automation processes cost effective and efficient. CRM software is more than just a big database. This technology provides small companies with the resources they need to boost leads and increase revenue.

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