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3 Ways Business Process Automation Improves CRM
3 Ways Business Process Automation Improves CRM

3 Ways Business Process Automation Improves CRM

When business executives think about process automation, they think about organizational tasks such as automated responses or invoices. These functions don’t tend to have a direct impact on customer relationship management. Business Process Automation is an effective means of improving your Customer Relations Management system if you choose to automate the right business processes.

One function that many companies automate is responses to emails. Some businesses even have sophisticated systems that generate responses to specific questions or requests based on keywords found in incoming emails. The use of different keywords in a specific way can cause an automated return message that includes the most likely answer to the question asked by your customers. It is a quick method of helping clients through the first step of resolving a problem. If the auto-generated response is not useful, then the customer can choose to escalate his or her request by clicking a link in the message.

  • Automated Customer Tracking

Some issues may be solved by an automated response with the first email or must be escalated to a customer support representative or some problems need to be sent to the back office administration for that issue. A ticket must be created; the issue must be tracked; and a customer record must be created or updated.

All these operations fall under the umbrella of Business Process Automation. A good automation system makes it possible for an incoming email to generate a new client record, or the message can be added in an existing customer record if the customer has contacted the organization before. Then, even if an automated troubleshooting response is sent, a trouble ticket can be created with a trigger to close if there is no additional contact after a certain period or if the user clicks an included link indicating that the issue was resolved.

If the client’s issue was not resolved, BPA can update the user record to show an open ticket, escalate the ticket to an available customer service representative, and automatically record all that activity. Recording all the customer activity will prevent customers fallen in cracks and a CRM systems with BPA will help your business to have a good workflow of helping the customer. The result is a better customer record, which means that customers can be helped more efficiently in the future.

  • Automating Social Media

Your customers will reach out in other ways besides email when looking for solutions to problem or answers to question. In many instances your business has the opportunity to interact with their clients through social media. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram—even Snapchat—work for some organizations. It can be a full-time job for a team of employees, but those touch points do exist, and the information gathered through those interactions can be valuable in moving customers through the buying cycle or converting browsers into customers.

  Most small to medium size organizations don’t have the time or resources to devote multiple marketing people to social media activities. BPA is one method that some companies use to maintain a social presence without dedicating a team of people to it. The tool most people are familiar with for this is Hootsuite, but many Customer Relations Management system and BPA applications also include the ability to deliver social media posts automatically. Some will even generate those posts based on parameters that administrators assign.

  • Website Optimization

BPA is used for website optimization. A BPA application can monitor websites to spot issues that might occur and either fix them automatically or generate the necessary alerts to ensure that those issues are fixed quickly. BPA can also be used to help clients navigate a website or complete a purchase on the site.

Functions like automating services, social media, and websites fall within the scope of BPA. When considering how to improve your Customer Relations Management system, you should consider this important tool.

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